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15 Best Promise Rings 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the Best Promise Rings on the market?

Take a look at this list!


0.85 Carat Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold with a 0.45 Carat G-H VS2-SI1 Round Brilliant Cut/Shape Center

1 new from $1,480.00
Last update was in: June 23, 2017 3:14 pm

0.85 Carat Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Black Gold with a 0.45 Carat I-J I1 Round Brilliant Cut/Shape Center

$1,050.00 $3,500.00
1 new from $1,050.00
Last update was in: June 23, 2017 3:14 pm

0.85 Carat t.w. 14K White Gold Round Classic Halo Style Pave Set Round Shape Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.45...

$1,560.00 $5,304.00
1 new from $1,560.00
Last update was in: June 23, 2017 3:14 pm


Because the phase before an engagement ring, a promise ring symbolizes dedication and love, perfect for lovers who are not exactly prepared for an engagement ring but desire to present their commitment to each other.

A promise ring doesn’t have to become simply for a dedicated couple.

It could also represent perhaps a promise between friends or a promise to yourself. Long lasting event, a promise ring can be a wonderful image of dedication and dedication.

How to choose an Promise Ring?

This question is asking many men in love.

To hit her taste

Keep in mind that it is she who will wear the ring, so it should match her tastes, character and the rest of the wardrobe.


What’s a Promise Ring?

Clearing the confusion between engagement rings and promise rings.

You can find small and large differences between a a gemstone and a promise ring. Some are content — such as the measurement of gem or the stone and cost — plus some are emotional.

In other words, you get or provide a gemstone when you wish to invest your lives following the proposal has been readily accepted. The causes for obtaining and giving promise rings differ, and frequently just provider and the individual understand what the offer is.

A few things

Exactly what the promise ring represents between partners is very personal, but usually it shows commitment and love. That would be a promise to become when it’s easier financially or involved at an unspecified period, possibly after college, the conclusion of the stint abroad.

Promise rings are gaining popularity among partners that’ll not want adhere to a plan or to place a tag on the connection. For them, a band can be an external image to individuals who also have no immediate plans for union and relocate together but are obviously in a committed relationship. The promise ring frequently goes to the other hand if a gemstone arrives later on.

Other relationships

Promise rings could be changed between friends, pledging friendship. A guardian may also gives promise rings to some child as a means of expressing “I’ll love you forever.” Guarantee rings can also be referred to as love rings, and represent a promise of abstinence. They may be used like actually a guarantee of something, just like a commitment to religion, to some target, or perhaps a promise to interrupt a bad behavior.

Other factors

Promise rings usually are subtler than wedding rings and smaller, and could or might not be used about the classic wedding ring hand. Diamonds are common, but about the stone, but about the overall design, or with gems — often the emphasis isn’t in groups or smaller dimensions.

Materials, too, tend to be different. Although 14K gold and 18K and jewelry direct the method for wedding bands and wedding rings, 10K gold or silver are common and affordable choices for promise rings.

You’ll locate a number of motifs for example Claddagh rings, simple or entwined hearts or infinity symbols.

Regardless of the cause you wish to provide or obtain a promise ring, it’s an attractive, concrete symbol of commitment and love.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our guide, which will make the selection of the ring a pure pleasure.

Color of gold

Focus on what shade the jewelry wears every single day the woman comes.

If you select silver – we claim that the band is created in whitegold to complement the remainder of the jewelry. However, if you should be a fan of traditional silver jewelry, you can’t wait to select a gold ring. Two tone gold bracelets are suggested to women with no choice regarding the shade of the jewelry.

When selecting a style, focus on the type of jewelry worn by Girl.

In the event of fragile and good, we recommend a stylish and subtle sample of the band. A vintage promise ring having a located stone within the tone (four or six garbage, informally called feet), is just a great option that works each time. Within this style the sparkler refracts the most wonderful lighting, making its beauty great. By selecting a traditional style, you may be sure the given a band may attract the individual.

For women who like bigger and much more decorative jewelry, the ideal choice is just a band with unique, bold designs. It may be a-one-bit style along with a elegant train or multi-level model. Styles of colored stones within the surroundings of diamonds may also be appropriate.

Ring size

When possible, precisely gauge the measurement of the band used from the future bride.

It’s more appropriate to gauge the internal diameter of the ring (please make sure that its thickness is near to that of the band) utilizing a caliper or other device.
When the item isn’t completely round, the dimension must be produced in many areas. Within the perfect scenario for that salon you need to provide a band owned by Woman, to properly collect the measure.

Forms of stones


The pearl title comes from the Latin sapphires meaning lapis lazuli.

Pearl is a natural stone of the corundum group. The word pearl means all corundum, except red. The material that provides the rock a blue tone can be an iron and titanium. One of the most appealing would be the sapphires within the shade of cottonwool from Thailand, Burma, and Kashmir.
Aesthetic qualities

Pearl ring beautifully combines with blonde hair and light complexion. In comparison, the woman with red hair will appear respectable and stylish, surrounded by pearl jewelry.


Pearl has spiritual qualities, prefers moral beliefs ​​and strengthens love. It’s suggested to women who’re wanting for understanding, prefer to discover new issues and therefore are thinking about the planet. Pearl helps you to focus ideas, supports innovative thinking and storage. It starts your brain to new experiences.


Its name originates from the Latin ruber, meaning red.

Ruby difference of corundum in shades of red. Its color is a result of the chromium content. Ruby (alongside the pearl) may be the hardest mineral, soon after the stone. Red rubies having a touch of orange would be the best – usually present in Burma. The rest of the rubies are found in Thailand, Tanzania, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.
Aesthetic qualities

The colour red is superbly presented to women who’ve blonde hair along with a light or slightly peach skin. Ruby can also be wonderful for daily design of women with red or copper hair. Red jewelry may subtly emphasize their eye color.

Ruby maintains the need to stay, provides power and dynamism, made people gray and resigned to appear positive for future years. Girls who’ve the potential but lack self confidence should wear rubies. Rubies are advantageous to individuals with low bloodpressure and severe disease. They support rapid regeneration.


Its name originates from the Traditional topázios, meaning research.

Topaz mineral based on the number of silicates. Topaz is available in rich colors: blue, bluegreen by lemon, flowers and shades of violet. Brazil will be the main location for mining topaz.

Aesthetic qualities

Beautifully offered crazy, gown and brunette having a peach and peach skin.


Topaz blue can be a great rock for fragile and contemporary women. It provides power and additional delays aging and promotes longevity. Topaz supports rapid sleep and guarantees long, healthy sleep. When the pick of the heart may be the kind of dreamer, then topaz can help her place her dream into existence.


Its name comes in the exploration site of Tanzania.

Tanzanite is among the most affordable gems. It’s a distinctive blue violet color. It’s removed only in a single invest the planet, in southern Tanzania. He received great popularity because of the jewelry used by Elizabeth Taylor.
Aesthetic qualities

Purple color can perfectly enhance the development of women with red, redhead or chestnut hair and bright appearance.


Tanzanite is suggested for women who require power, pleasure, and respite from anxiety. The woman who’ll enjoy this band loves to stick out in the group and become a comfortable individualist. Today it’s among the least common natural stones. Experts say that in 15 years its remains will go out.


Its title in Greek (améthystos) means sober person.

Amethyst version of quartz milky glassy. Amethyst might have different colors of purple, which range from light purple to light purple. Its area is mainly Brazil, Uruguay, and Iran.

Aesthetic qualities

Violet color is most effective to brunettes with brownish or dark blue eyes with light or natural appearance.


Well suited for women who’ve stressful jobs and a lot of complications. Amethyst relieves tension, providing peace and discharge from negative feelings. Helps you to cope with feelings, increases persistence, opens from everyday exhaustion and issues, is just a warm tub for that brain following a time of effort.


Its name indicates in Traditional “like a rose”.

Rhodolite can be a gem owned by several silicates. It’s black red color and glassy shine.
Aesthetic qualities

The colour of red and red is completely gorgeous in girls with gentle hair and appearance. This rock is a superb addition for the design of women with red and copper hair. The red shade of the rock wonderfully illustrates the colour of the eyes of ladies in the autumn beauty.


Rhodolite can be a rock that relaxes, maintains stability, bounces the nerves of nerves, completely helps you to recover the peace and harmony of the nature after challenging experiences. Their power, in the same period, enables him to challenge herself courageously, to reject his anxiety about natural activities, to deny himself of restrictions, of depression, of despair and depression.


Its name originates from Greek, smaragds means green.

Emerald is a spring of beryllium selection. It’s often indicated with a very powerful natural color, that has given its title to its unique colors. Until today emerald we determine the colour of stone materials.

Aesthetic qualities

The natural color is ideal for girls with red hair and blondes with gold reactions, with light or peach skin.

The emerald is known as the “happy love” rock – an ideal choice for a since it cemented love. It strengthens the center and helps treat eye disease. Well suited for women that are often irritated. He’ll provide them peace and bring harmony. It’ll assist you to keep excellent relationships with your pals and partner.


Its name originates from the Latin vocabulary and means sea-water (aqua marina).

Aquamarine spring in the beryllium selection – within the environment occurs like a greenish blue rock, which, when hot, acquires its orange and frozen reflections. The particular function of the rock is its two-color. Aquamarine, underneath the impact of transforming the position of occurrence of sunshine, may take about the awesome, arctic shade of the orange to alter it right into a clear, close up crystal following a time.

Aesthetic qualities

Aquamarine is ideally suitable for the wonder of the Girls called winter – dark and incredibly dark hair, with lighting, fine appearance and blue eyes. Paradoxically, this rock appears equally stunning about the hand of the lady of Slavic beauty – an airy blonde having a peach skin.


Aquamarine along with the wonder of color is preferred due to the distinctive qualities – it’s called a rock of courage since it provides power, power, and confidence.


Its name originates from Tsavo National Park, that will be situated in Kenya.

Tsavorite includes a remarkable emerald green colour and features – high visibility and refractive index, which dramatically affects its distinctive level of lighting.

Aesthetic qualities

The wonder of tsavorite will certainly enjoy the green eyes of God, for whom the rock may be the perfect match. Women of the kind of beauty referred to as fall may experience good within the existence of tsavorite – the rock will emphasize their haircolor and softness and lighting of the appearance.


Named a rock of variety and prosperity, to enjoy is recognized as an essential assistant within the quest for desires – it reduces fear and concern, increases the amount of great power, promotes action. Furthermore, to enjoy helps you to find the correct life-style, protect yourself from danger and failure.


Gem is among the precious stones that not just fits a lady, but also a mature woman. They’re developed by mussels, once they enter the inside of the foreign body, like a parasite or perhaps a bit of shells. In those days, the mollusk to get rid of the annoying thing begins to make a pearl – thus developing a gem.

In the event of pearls made under breeding problems, the theory of the development may be the same, as the travel is replaced with a specific nucleus.

Today, all of the pearls on the planet are farmed, natural pearls are available in museums or deals.

Aesthetic qualities

One of the most appealing is just a traditional, round gem in shades of white.

Also common are pearls within the colors: apple, red, creamy as well as dark purple. Perfectly suitable for any beauty and for women of ages.


Gem is determined with water-energy as well as having a girl (particularly expecting).
It will help to improve self esteem, experience more female and enjoy life.
Pearls also represent sincerity, innocence, and knowledge.

Once the ring continues to be chosen, there’s still a question to answer the issue: which hand and which block the near future bride must find an offer ring? The solution isn’t apparent since it depends upon in The couple’s home.


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